A Multiplier Event under the mAPP my Europe project was held on November 13, 2020 in Bulgaria. Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 situation and the ban on holding indoor events, the event was conducted in the yard of the Architectural-ethnographic Open Air Museum „Stariya Dobrich” in the town of Dobrich, Bulgaria. The Multiplier Event was organized by the Bulgarian organizations participating in the project: Regional Museum of History – Dobrich, Varna Economic Development Agency and Unseen Pro Ltd.

Todorka Dimitrova, a representative of VEDA, gave an overview of the mAPP my Europe project and introduced the audience to its goals and implementation. In the following presentations were presented the two main intellectual products created as a result of the project – a smartphone application and a digital book. Dimitar Atanasov from UnseenPro presented in detail the mobile application and the routes included in it, demonstrating its installation and use. The third presentation was given by Ivelina Romanova, a representative of RIM-Dobrich and was dedicated to the Non-Formal Cultural Heritage Education Book. She acquainted the present young people, teachers, journalists and citizens with the content and structure of the book, as well as with the possibilities for its use.