Last week the mAPP partner Unseen Pro Ltd, hosted a three-day training on “Cultural Heritage in a Digital Era” in Varna, Bulgaria. More than 20 participants from 4 countries were involved and fully participating at all activities. With very favorable and sunny weather during the whole training, all planned tasks completed successfully.

Local case study was presented at the first day in the Social Tea House, after which Mr. Dimitar Atanasov (Software Engineer at Unseen Pro Ltd) demonstrated some of the best practices for digitalization of cultural heritage including tools and case studies from all around the world. The day continued with visit to the Public Library “Pencho Slaveykov” where Ms. Radka Kalcheva (Director) shared their digitalization experience with Europeana Collections project. The training day ended in the City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” where Ms. Dorotea Pavlova made an art presentation.

The second day continued with good practices in digitalization of the cultural heritage in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Spain presented by the participants who share some case studies from their own countries. In the afternoon the session continued with 4 working groups who had different outdoor tasks assigned. All assignments were related to better understanding of the local cultural heritage in Varna by exploring the city. The sunny weather was a big advantage and helped a lot in this exercise. The day ended with a cultural night and a lot of dances.

In the morning session of the last day of the training, the participants shared the results of the team work they had the previous. All presentations were extremely entertaining and demonstrated quality time spend with the group. The day continued with self-reflection and evaluation session. In the afternoon the participants visited the Archaeological Museum of Varna which continued with a city tour.

The three day training ended with a farewell drink at Varna Beach, lots of smiles and happy memories.