On November 28 2019, 10th grade students – future hoteliers, with their class teacher Mrs. Iliana Stratieva from Vocational High School of Tourism “P. K. Yavorov ” – Dobrich, tested the mobile application under the mAPP My Europe project, funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. The mobile application contains tourist routes for young people and adults in Bulgarian and English, as well as in the languages ​​of the project partners from Romania, Spain and Greece. The young people visited one of the museum sites – the Ethnographic House in Dobrich, included in the tourist routes. After downloading and installing the mobile app on their phones, the students learned more about the history of the building that houses the museum site. Ivelina Romanova introduced them in more detail to the exposition “The House of the Dobroudzhanets on the Border of Two Era” and told them about the history, customs and traditions of the people who inhabited Dobrudzha, some of them moved from other parts of Bulgaria but left their spiritual and material culture here.

With the help of the mobile application, the youngsters learned also where all the sites in Dobrich, included in different tourist routes, are located.