The Directorate of Secondary Education of Messenia organised with KANE the second mapping procedure of a new route in order to update the Mapp Application for smartphones. This time, the focus was on lakes of North Peloponnese where students have design and propose a route of unique beauty in a fantastic landscape.

The students who took part the mapping process were 30, all students of the 2nd grade (14-15 years old) of the 1st High School of Messini.

For the purposes of the mapping of the route the procedure that was followed had 4 stages:

Stage 1: at the first meeting with the youngsters the purpose and the objectives of the mAPP my Europe program were explained. The students were asked what cultural heritage means to them and in what way they think they could be actively involved in its protection, maintenance and promotion. On a second level they were asked, through brainstorming, to come up with a list of monuments that they think are culturally representative of their area.

Stage 2: the youngsters, divided in work groups, were given the selection criteria, and through research collected information and formed a list of the proposed monuments of the route.


Stage 3: the monuments were evaluated and the route was selected by them as one of the most representative of both the ancient Greek and the Modern Greek culture. A visit was made in the area, where the students collected firsthand information and feeling about the route.




Stage 4: the students in 6 groups (respective to the number of places,) collected information and filled the appendixes in order to complete the final stage of the route.